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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ornament HD!

Some of you have left comments about the flower on my last blog entry, it is yet another photo from my March Break trip to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. I think that flower is a spider lilly or star lilly. I don't remember but I thought it was pretty cool! It was hard to get a better photograph of it. Today's picture is one of the many varieties of orchids they had there. When we stepped into the orchid greenhouse the smell was just heavenly!!!

Well I had a lovely day today! Originally I was going to stay home and stitch like mad on my Dragon Dreams model. But I'm far enough ahead that I decided to go and visit my friend Chrisanne. We visit, stitch, and watch DVD's a totally enjoyable day. Since models are super top secret I didn't bring it with me. Instead I finished my ornament for this month.... actually, its more like four. This ornament is from the Just Cross Stitch 2005 Ornament Issue. Its called Noel by From Nan's Hand. The design is four medallions made of kloster blocks and button hole stitch which when cut out will be threaded vertically on a piece of ribbon and will spell out Noel.

I have to say that button hole stitch hast to be my least favorite stitch I've ever done! I find it quite a challenge when I have to start and stop, to get back in the rhythm of the stitch. I haven't cut out these medallions yet, I'm almost afraid to. If my button hole isn't right the whole thing could fall apart! Maybe I'll find the courage to do the finishing on this one sometime this long weekend!

After I finished up the above ornament I pulled Celtic Banner out! Its gotten my attention twice in the past week! Last Saturday I took it with me to a visit with my Aged Peas, and worked on the border. I also worked on it today at Chrisanne's. There was quite a bit of cursing involved when I found one stitch too many in the section of border I had been stitching! Of course that mistake was made near the beginning of that section. So I had a visit by the frogs! If I finish my DD model before the weekend is out (which I expect to) then I think I'll try and wrap up that border on Celtic Banner and share an updated photo with you!


Anne S said...

That orchid's a pretty one - it's nice seeing different photos, as well as stitching ... I love sharing other's worlds :) Your ornie is going to look great ... can't say I'm a huge fan of buttonholing either :/ It will be worth it in the end, though :D

Katie said...

The ornament is looking great Dani :) I love the hardanger, although I'm still nervous about doing the cutting after two years, sigh...atleast any miscuts have been fixable :)

Happy Easter!