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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Framing and an RR HD

Whew, finally! Last Sunday I started a framing job for work, 9 pieces... 5 done in one manner 4 done in the other. A week later I've finally finished them! I've been working on them one stage at a time, my goal was to get enough done that I could free up my Saturday. Which I did! So I was able to hop into my car after teaching TKD Saturday morning and drive to visit Chrisanne in Cornwall, I know I was just there about two weeks ago, but she needed a friend. That's what friends do right?

So we spent all day watching DVD's and stitching, what heaven! I spent the day working on Wendy's TWRR but didn't quite get it done. So this evening after finishing all that framing I finished it tonight! Yay! So now I've opened up my stitching schedule to work on the first of two models for Dragon Dreams! I get to work with some really funky fibers this time!


Katie said...

Oh the RR looks fabulous!! Funky Fibers in the new DD, I can't wait!!! :)

Shannon L. said...

That RR is amazing ! *drool*

DD... funky fibres. Uh oh LOL

Singular Stitches said...

Woo hoo! Happy, happy dance! It's lovely!

zoeandcooper said...

Wendy's RR is looking great. It is a unique group of borders.

Katrina said...

another fab looking RR piece Dani, these are all going to look simply stunning when fully completed :)