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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Happy Dance, A Rainy Day, An Update and Some Fabbie!

Boy I think its been awhile since you've seen the word Happy Dance in one of my titles hasn't it??? I finally finished something!

I can't believe it took me all month to stitch up this little ornament! This is Jack In The Box by Lori Birmingham, a little Leisurearts kit I bought ages ago! I didn't have an ornament RR this month (I was sent two during the last round), so I just reached my hand into my little kit drawer and this came out. Granted its stitched on aida which was a pain, but its cute. I haven't decided yet what this month's ornament will be... maybe a Jeannette Douglas needleroll ornament??? Hmmm...

Next on the stitching agenda will be Ruth's TWRR. As I said I'm going back to "La Technique" which means one project at a time. This morning I sat down and made my selection for my band of the RR. This selection was a bit of a challenge because there were two overdyed fibers that Ruth wanted us to incorporate! But the selection is made and it'll be top secret until its done ;-)

Yesterday I worked on Celtic Banner since I was in an environment where working on something more challenging wasn't a good idea. Last night I finally finished up the alphabet and the two blocks at the bottom! My original plan was to have that alphabet finished last month... but you know how things have been!!!

Now I'll set this aside to focus on that TWRR I was just telling you about!

Yesterday Christin and I threw together a little OVGS booth together at Watson's Mill in Manotick. I was looking forward to manning the booth all day, sitting there stitching and talking with people who stopped by. However it rained ALL DAY!!! We were kept nice and dry under the canopy that the mill provided. But it was just so damp out we were pretty miserable by the afternoon.

While I was transferring pictures to the laptop that I forgot to share the above scan with you. This is a fantastic dragon fabric I bought last weekend at the Quilt Show. I collect dragon fabrics. What I'm going to do with them I have just no clue!!! But I love having them.

And here's a little picture of Hunter for you!


jymisgurl said...

All your pictures are wonderful! I love the dragon fabric! And your cat is too cute!

Karoline said...

Cute ornie Dani, congratulations. Lovely picture of Hunter

Katie said...

Oh...definitely the JD needleroll!! Although I'm a bit biased now that I have the three of them done and have seen them all side by side. I can't wait for the new JCS ornament issue to come out with her latest :)

Laci said...

All your pictures are great, though I have to admit, Hunter's picture is my favourite!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on finishing your alphabet! It looks great.

I love the pick of Hunter. He reminds me of all my black kitties (I currently have three and had one growing up).

Anonymous said...

That fabric is magnificent! Congratulations on your HD. Ann.