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Saturday, June 17, 2006

June's Ornament and a Little Stash

Wow, that was fast! I whipped up this month's ornament in just a couple of hours this evening! I figured it would be a quick stitch but not this quick! This months ornament is Blackwork Tudor Rose, a freebie from Of Female Worth. I received it just the other day with a little stash that I ordered back in April.

Yes April, my order wasn't held back due to an item on backorder... but because somehow the country got abbreviated to CA instead of Canada. So what did the US Postal Service do? Why send it to California despite it being addressed to ONTARIO with a postal code of letters and numbers (where in the states its just numbers). You really dropped the ball on that one USPS!

Anyhow I have a small stash report. I bought : Tywyn Sampler from Charland Designs and The Wyndham Needlewoman by Sharon Cohen. The two other items in this picture are : Let Your Imagination Soar by Dragon Dreams, this one was an anonymous RAK from a couple of weeks ago and Holly Knots from the Vickery Collection that Chrisanne gave to me after she stitched it.

I suppose I should go to bed, tomorrow is a busy day!


Unknown said...

very nice ornament, it so satisfying when you can whip up a bit of stitching in no time.

Karen said...

Lovely ornament and great stash!! I especially like Wyndham Needlewoman.

I'm not surprised the USPS screwed up. Glad you finally got your package though.

Von said...

There was no excuse for your package to go to Ontario, California, when it was clearly marked with the very different postal code of Canada! Looks like the stash was definitely worth the wait tho. :D

Rosemary said...

Love the ornie!

Rosemary, who got busy and fell off the stitching and montly-ornament bandwagon back in March, but hopes to catch back up :)