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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dragon Update

Thanks everyone for your fantastic and encouraging comments about my weight loss! It really is a huge motivator, each comment I get! Lisha asked if I could post an up to date picture of me. Now that's the problem... when you're the photographer you're not in the picture very often. Sometime between now and next week I'll try to find a pretty setting and set up my camera with the tripod to get a shot.

Tomorrow is my last day at work for two weeks! Yay! I'm so ready to be on vacation its not funny, its been a real chore to drag my butt out of bed each morning and make myself go to work. Then as the day goes one I'm constantly watching the clock because I want to get the hell out of there!! I've got some interesting stuff coming up for my time off. On Saturday I'm going to go see the Freedomfight MMA match at the Bob Gurtien Area. On Sunday my Mum and I are off on a road trip! We're going to stay at an Inn in the Adirondacks for 3 nights/4 days. If the weather co-operates (because there's been a lot of rain) we're hoping to go horseback riding and for some easy hikes on the trails around the mountains in the area. Then the following week on Wednesday I'll be off for a few relaxing days in Brighton to stay with Ann.

Here's my dragon as of tonight... I still haven't picked a name I'll do so on Saturday so keep those suggestions coming!


Carol R said...

Wow she's looking beautiful!
Well done on the weight loss.
Enjoy your trip

Anonymous said...

Your dragon is looking great, lovely to see it grow. Somehow the name Millie comes to my mind. :-) Millie the dragon. Hope you have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! It's impressive. How about moonshadow as name for your dragon?

Wendy said...

Great progress on your dragon, Dani! And have a great vacation :-D

Sally said...

Have a fantastic 2 weeks off Dani. Sounds as though you are well and truly in need if it:)

Your dragon looks fantastic!

Karan said...

Enjoy your vacation Dani - sounds like you have some fun plans lined up. :0)
Well I finally came up with a name, Moonshadow, but anonymous beat me to it. Sheesh! Serves me right for being so slow.

Lynn said...

Enjoy your holidays Dani!! Sounds like a fun-filled week. Here's hoping the rain stays away. As I'm writing this though it's raining again! We're heading out shortly for Muskoka so I'll talk to you soon. Say hi to Ann.
Your dragon's looking fantastic!

Loreta said...

Your dragon is looking beautiful!

Please visit my blog. Little surprise is waiting for you.

Michele said...

I'm sooo impressed with your weight loss! You've been soo consistent in losing .. I NEED your kind of motivation! I've been stuck for so long at the same weight, after losing 25 pounds .. and I can't seem to find my motivation.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Von said...

What a wonderful vacation you have planned, Dani! Have a great time.

Today on my blog I awarded you the Brillante Weblog. If you'd like to play along that's great, but don't feel obligated. :D

Unknown said...

congratulations for the dragon advance!
enjoy the shoop trip,is really funny

Mel in Dubai said...

I succumbed! Can I join you in stitching along with this? I started my Moonlight Guardian in the wee hours of this morning and have been working on it in between chores today. I'm loving it!