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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Again

I'm back home again... actually I surprised Todd who was still in bed at 10am! Poor guy, he wasn't expecting me home until tonight, which is my usual habit when travelling. A BIG thanks for Chrisanne, for suggesting we go to Lift-Off and for housing me, feeding me and generally putting up with me!

I heard a few days ago that Sally received the little blogaversary gift I promised her a long time ago! Kudos to Canada Post for getting it to the UK in under a week. Now I wonder if the Fair & Square I sent out the same day made it to the US in just a timely a manner?

I made Sally this little fob using designs from Red Threads by Rosewood Manor

While back at home today (besides doing the laundry) I finished up the squares for round 8 of Fair & Square... way before the deadline! Yay! Of course I can't share yet!

This freed me up this evening to pull out Moonlight Guardian for the first time since February! The last time I worked on it I was putting the finishing touches on the border. Today I started the main part of the design. It almost felt like starting a new project! I'm looking forward to focusing on this piece!

Well I suppose I should go to bed, I do have to go to work tomorrow *sigh*


CJ in OK ;-) said...

The fob is so pretty, makes me want to go get that booklet again from Rosewood Manor. Great progress on the other project too. HAppy Stitching, CJ

Anonymous said...

That's such a sweet gift!!
Great to see Moonlight Guardian again!

Anonymous said...

Lovely fob, Dani! And I'll look forward to follow your progress on MG again.

Ginnie said...

Moonlight Guardian looks like it'll be really nice. I started a ballerina picture on blue fabric and have found it hard going!
Looking forward to seeing the progress

Karoline said...

Lovely fob for Sally, congratulations. Great progress on Moonlight Guardian

geeky Heather said...

Beautiful fob...and how exciting to be working on MG! AND you have the border done, so now it's all "good stuff," LOL!

Beatrice said...

The fob is pretty.
And look at the MG wow it's coming along nicely.

The photo's of the lift off are very nice. Glad you had a great time!!!

Carla said...

beautiful fob and graet progress on MG!!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Dani sounds like your Lift-Off days were FUN! My goodness...I would have loved seeing and hearing all that you've seen the last few days! WOW!
And your stitching here is just gorgeous...the fob the WIP...and that castle would look great on your neighborhood!

Lucy said...

The fob is really the deep red in it!

staci said...

Really cute fob :) And looks like you had a GREAT weekend! Does it cause any kind of problems if the balloons cross the border???

Still no squares...I will admit that it annoys the heck outta me how long things take to hop the border!

Lillie said...

Cute fob indeed! WIP on Moonlight Guardian looks good, loved the fabric!

Dawn T. said...

I love the fob!!

Mary said...

The scissors fob is really cute. And Moonlight Garden is really pretty. I love the color combinations.

Wendy said...

Wonderful scissor fob! And Moonlight Guardian looks great!

Lynn said...

It's so cool to see the beginnings of the castle on MG. Looks great!
I love your scissor fob.What colour floss did you use for this one?

Kathy A. said...

That scissor fob is beautiful! Nice job girl. It is nice to see Moonlight Guardian again. Love the castle. Im sure you will move right along on it now that you have picked it up again.
Glad you and Chrisanne had a nice weekend. Balloon festivals are just so cool!

Sally said...

Thank you so much for my beautiful fob Dani. I haven't blogged about it yet as I've not been feeling well and have hardly been on the PC. I have a piccie on DH's camera ready to upload!

MG is looking fantastic!

Andrea said...

Such a sweet fob, a beautiful gift for Sally.

Carol R said...

Lovely fob you made for Sally

glamlawlib said...

Love the colour of the fob and you're making great progress with MG :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Wow, Lift Off sounds like it was
a blast. I would have liked to
have seen Dennis DeYoung perform,
and the U2 tribute band would have
been fun too. And I remember
seeing Glass Tiger at the Ontario
Place forum, probably over 20 odd
years ago now. Yikes! Where does
the time go?

Loved all the pictures you took
of the balloons. They are such
an incredible sight when they
are in the air. DH says he'd
go up in one, but I'm not sure
if I could do it.

Your Moonlight Guardian is
really looking good, and now
the real fun part is watching
the castle and the dragon emerge
from your needle.


Sharon said...

Beautiful fob!

Karan said...

Pretty fob - bet Sally was well pleased. :0)
Oh I love the MG focus piece - looking forward to watching that develop.