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Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Weekend's Over

Well, I had a wonderful weekend! I'm tired from it all, but enjoyed it.

It started with a busy day on Friday with several appointments. A fair chunk of the day was eaten up by one appointment where the doctor was running over an hour and a half behind! Unfortunately there's not much you can do about that, especially with the current state of the medical system and the lack of doctors. I'm glad I booked the day off, I never would of made it back to work part of the day.

I saw this interesting sign... now am I the only one who gets a laugh out of this... I know its potty humor but it gave me a giggle!

That evening Christin came home with me. I spent the evening doing the last bits of cleaning and making Saturday's dinner. I did manage some stitching Friday night.

Early afternoon Kathy and Beatrice arrived! It was nice for a change for some of my friends to come out and visit with me. As much as I enjoy hitting the road it can be tiring. So can having visitors LOL, its a lot of work cleaning the house, preparing food and the such. A little later Lynn stopped in to stitch with us as well. I did take some pictures, but a few of them didn't turn out too well, and well what I have isn't the most flattering angles so sorry ladies!

We had a little fun, and pulled out all of our Paradigm Lost's and Lynn is working on Cirque Des Circles. Here they are all together.

Yesterday I managed to finish up the stitching on Laugh, and today I got a good start on Create. I should be able to finish Create tomorrow and hopefully a good start on the final word, Live!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dani, glad you had such a good weekend. I get a kick each time from your L*K words, and you're so close to a finish now! It's a gorgeous project. And what a lovely show of Paradigm Losts + Cirque: you ladies are all so talented!

Anonymous said...

Love the soft stools pic lol. I wonder if he gets many customers!

It's good to see all the PL & CdC together. You don't realise how different they look from each other done in different colours/threads/fabric until you see them side by side. All so individual. All so pretty.

Kathy A. said...

Thank you for a lovely weekend. Your house sparkled and so did you. I had the best time. It was such fun to meet Lynn. When I see the PL's and the cirque together, they look so amazing. Have a great week and will be talking to you

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Makes me tired reading about your Friday ;)
And look at your! Almost done for a victory!
It looks like you and everyone had a great time!!!!! I wish I had stitching buddies that lived close!

Beatrice said...

Dani Thank You so much for a lovely weekend. It was so much fun to see you and Christin and what a treat to meet Lynn. I'm so glad she came as well.
Kathy and I had a safe journey home.
I have a few photos I'll post on my blog too!

Lynn said...

Thank you Dani for all the effort you put into making it such a great weekend. My time there was brief but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kathy and Beatrice. They are both such lovely ladies and a lot of fun. It was good to see Christin again too! Looking forward to seeing all of you again later this summer.

Stitchingranny said...

Lol Dani, well I liked your Potty humour. Also like that the UG turned into a laugh you are doing great.

So pleased you all had a lovely weekend. I have just found a stitcher who lives close to me and the week after next we are going to meet for a coffee, I am so excited about it.

geeky Heather said...

What a beautiful display of all those PL's together!!