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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Family Crisis Tends to Take Away From Stitching Time

Well I was awoken early Sunday morning (4am ish) with only two hours sleep under my belt. There was a bit of a family crisis that I had to go help sort out. Sigh... there went my beauty sleep. I probably got back to bed at about 7am ish. Todd and I stumbled out of bed at about 11:30am. He made breakfast and I started the laundry (the usual Sunday routine).

I got in maybe about 2 hours of work in on Peacock Tapestry when at about 2pm I decided it was nap-time. Soooo I lost more precious stitching time (can you tell I really want this project done?). I stumbled back out of bed around 5:30pm and had needle back in hand by 6pm. So in total I got in about 9.5 hours of stitching time on Peacock Tapestry this weekend. Not bad, but could of done better. I was really hoping to get that bottom left hand section completely finished.

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