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Friday, November 14, 2003

Its Been Awhile...

Well it has certainly been a very busy week for me, and seeing as its late once again I'll have to keep my blog short.

Wednesday night was my usual TKD night, it has been confirmed with my instructor... yes I will be doing an interim test on the 29th... Urgh now to waste precious stitching time making up 3 one steps with moves from my first black belt pattern. Besides TKD I got in a good 2 solid stitching hours!

Tonight I cancelled the Martial Arts Club after school, I needed a little "me time". So I headed home and promptly took a nap. Making up for all those busy late nights! After dinner I sat down with PT and put in a good 4 hours. I now only have the tree trunk to stitch up (which I'm working on now) before I can start the main attraction... the peacock!

If the groceries get done quickly and I'm focused hopefully I'll be down to bs-ing the grass very late tomorrow night!

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