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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Its Been a Good Day!

Yes I actually had a good day... rare it seems sometimes.

This afternoon I got some awesome news at work... the appeal for my group's job evaluation was passed. We've fought for some time over this. But that's work and well my blog is not about work.

I got home to a message from my TKD instructor, he was very under the weather and needed someone to take over the adult class. Sooo... for the second week in a row its Dani to the rescue. Tonight I taught a class of 18 adults and teenagers. I felt more pressure teaching them than the wee kiddies. The kiddies don't know when you've messed up. The feed back on the class was positive so I feel very good about that.

PT is not progressing as quickly as I hoped at this stage. But its not due to having difficulties... its due to not having time. Why oh why do I have to be the social butterfly sometimes??? Last night after work I held my little martial arts club. From there I drove to Dragon Lair Beads and met up with Vicki the owner where we had a bite out before heading to the monthly OVGS (Guild) meeting. I didn't get home until about 10pm... spent a bit of time online and maybe got in about 2 hours stitching max. Normally on Tuesday I can get in a nice stitching stretch in the evening. I also got offered free tickets yesterday to Thursday's Ottawa Senators game. So Duh... of course I took them! So tomorrow night Vicki and I are out again (Todd said he'd only go if it was a good team... guess that means the Carolina Hurricanes don't count?).

Sigh... wish I didn't have to work. But on the up side.... the peacock has a wing, there's just tail left now!

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