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Monday, November 17, 2003

This Weekend in Review

You can tell when I'm going through a busy week... when I don't post that much. Or when I'm on a mission... a stitching mission.

This past week and weekend have been a bit of both! I've already told you all about my busy week... so lets move onto this weekend. Saturday started off with a nice lie-in... I needed that after stitching on Peacock Tapestry until after 2am!!! I got up on Saturday morning and started all over again! By lunch time I finally managed to get all the grass and pear tree trunk completely done... I had this lovely void where the Peacock was to go. So I sat down and spent the time figuring out what symbols were used in the ole bird and setting up my "pre-threaded needle system". That would be a long narrow piece of fabric with a strip of masking tape down one side. On the masking tape I write down the symbol and what DMC number(s) that will represent on the chart. So as I start using each colour I can park my already threaded needle there to use again later on. For such a large project as PT this really is necessary due to frequent colour changes! I'd be wasting more time constantly re-threading my needle if I didn't! With that all ready to go ... I put down PT and got down to cleaning the house.

The parental-units were coming over for dinner... Seeing as Friday had been my Dad's 62nd b-day I invited them over for roast chicken, potatoes, veggies, and pie for dessert. This was the first time I was going to roast a chicken!!! And you know what... dinner was just awesome. While my parents and brother visited I couldn't work on PT... too big and complicated. Soooo I pulled out a class piece I had taken from Jeannette Douglas, Muskoka Autumn Samplerette. I actually managed to accomplish quite a bit on that!

Sunday morning... another lie-in. I decided to pull Muskoka Autumn back out as I only had about 3 bands left on it. By 1pm... it was done! Happy Dance, oh Happy Dance.

Click here to see Muskoka Autumn Samplerette by Jeannette Douglas

After a mid-afternoon nap I got back to work on PT... in total last week I put in 21 hours on the ole bird... and that's all I have left is the bird!!!!!!

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