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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A Little Bit of Time

Yup! I got in a little bit more time on Peacock Tapestry this evening, despite going to TKD. I managed to stitch about an hour and a half on it tonight, the grass is well looking like grass. Also while waiting for a phone call (that never came) I worked for an hour on Jeanette Douglas's Muskoka Autumn Samplerette, I'm on section 4 of 11.

Now I'm not too excited about TKD at the moment. My instructor tonight told me that I'll be interim testing this month on the 29th... I don't think so, I feel no where near ready. I think on Wednesday night I'll be having a little discussion with the head instructor. If he told me I'd accept it, but with this other instructor telling me ... I dunno.

When I test, a test of any kind I don't like to be caught off guard and I like to bet totally prepared. I don't feel like I can be prepared in any way for this, and not in a month. I want time to review my lower belt theory, work on my patterns more, and I need to spend time making up my own step-sparring and model sparring. Blech... I don't even want to think about it. I'm so focused at the moment on finishing Peacock Tapestry not an interim test at TKD.

Note to self talk to head instructor on Wednesday!

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