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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Good Friday...

Good friends, good conversation, good food... and a little stitching!

Could a girl not spend it any better way!

It had been planned for at least a month myself, Christin, Ann and Beth were meeting up in Kingston for a day to visit and stitch. I had been looking forward to it for AGES. I have now decided there is no better way to spend Good Friday... maybe we should make a tradition out of this.

We all turned up at Beth's before 11am. The day started out with us all sitting in Beth's sunny music room while her daughter and husband took care of the last minute details for our lunch. There was much chatting and finally we got around to pulling out our latest cross stitch projects. As usual there was much ooohing and ahhing over each project and discussions over fabrics and threads.

We then moved onto a stupendous lunch! Beth and her family out did themselves! We gorged on the most healthy and delicious of foods! BBQed steak, asparagus, an amazing spinach salad, potatoes, and bread. Oh my! I have to say that I always eat the best food when I visit Beth she takes so much time and care into her meals and I know I'm eating good food!

After lunch we retired to the Music room to start stitching the afternoon away! Before we realized it the afternoon had flown by and Ann's husband called... it was 6PM! Where had the day gone????

What an awesome day... can we make this a tradition girls?

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