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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Some Framing and Some Finishing

I wanted to share a picture with you from two weeks ago. If you're a regular blog reader of mine you might recall the piece by Vermillion "Bearygodmother" that I finished. Well I've put on the finishing touches, now its a quilted wall hanging (which I shared with you) I've also put together a hanger with a dowel, wood wheels, ribbon and some beads to decorate.

Completely finished Bearygodmogher

Sunday I had a VERY productive day! I tried to watch the San Marino Grand Prix but fell asleep.. then went back to bed until almost noon! In the afternoon I took my Mum to Dragon's Lair Beads and we went out for a nice lunch at our favorite place. After dropping off Mum I went back home and... cut and assembled 3 frames, also put everything together, did my taxes (getting a refund, YAY), and did the laundry! I am a goddess!

Let me share picture of my latest framing jobs with you... these are 3 photo cards done the same with the same size opening because each of the images on the cards were different sizes and the client wanted it all to match.

Bear 1
Bear 2
Bear 3

The client was super happy with the results.

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