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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Long Time... No Blog!

Well I have to tell you it feels like its been the week from H-E-double hockey sticks. Nothing particuarly bad has happened, no catastrophes but its been a long hard week! I think it also doesn't help that I've felt like I've been a day ahead all week! I woke up this morning thinking, "alright! Its Friday!" WRONG... its Thursday.

I have been walking through this week exhausted! Everyone says its the weather... I just think its been a long tough week! The mornings its been a struggle to get up and in the evenings its been a struggle to not take a nap! I hate getting into the habit of napping because its a hard one to get out of. Your body starts to become dependent on that nap and then my evenings are pretty much toast.

But I have been a good girl on several points this week. I went to TKD twice... there's a tournament on Saturday and I'm competing for the first time in two years. I've also stitched every day on Mystery 6 - Part 4... that's right its still not done.

Tonight so far I've stitched for about an hour and now between surfing the net and writing this blog I'm cutting mats and mounting three more pieces for framing. Three very nice polar bear cards. I plan to cut the frames tomorrow night or Sunday and have them all assembled for Monday.

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