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Friday, April 16, 2004

Hannelore's Thingiee

Two summers ago now my good internet friend Hannelore and I met up in a town south of Boston for a week. We had talked many times on line but had never met, Hanne had flown in from the U.K. I had driven down from Canada. We were sharing accommodations which can be a little iffy with someone you've never met in the flesh before. Needless to say our rappore online was the same in person... we got along famously!

One of the most memorable days we had (in my mind) was the day we spent bombing around Cape Cod in my car. It was THE perfect day! It was sunny and beautiful I had the sun roof open! We went to Cape Cod to specifically hug lighthouses! We visited three lighthouses that day.

Here's what I have made as a gift for Hanne to celebrate that day.

Hanne's Thingiee

Luckily this turned out perfectly! It was a frame that I originally made for something else that got scrapped. I didn't want to even attempt to take it apart and cut it down, it was a custom size as well... 14x11 1/2 However, the photos I took of each light house end up fitting! This project has given me so much grief! From the original project for the frame getting cancelled, to mat cutting and measuring problems, to one photo being askew once I had put everything together and the dust cover on the back (which I then had to take all apart again).

Despite all the problems I had with this project, my first successful attempt at cutting multiple exposures I think this piece brings back all the memories of that day.

Now to carefully pack it up and ship it to the U.K.

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