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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another Nice Day!

And I'm not only talking about the weather (sunny and -6c you know its been a long cold winter when you're excited about it being warmer than -10c!!!). Today I met up with a some of the ladies for work for breakfast at one co-worker's house nearby. After a nice leisurely breakfast and a chat (something we don't have time to do since we work in a non-stop environment) we all packed into the car and drove up to Perth for some shopping. Our first stop was the outlet shoe, store, hard to find if you didn't know about it. I made out like a bandit!!! I got a new pair of black leather winter boots, very nice for 39.00 and a pair of brown leather shoes for work and to wear about when the snow is gone also for What a novel idea having boots, I haven't had winter boots in a coon's age!

We then went shop hopping down the main drag. I bought some very cool fantasy cards which were blank inside. I can't wait to use them! We then had a light lunch and whoila it was 3pm! We did a quick stop in a fabric shop where I found a fat quarter with lighthouses for my friend Hannelore and back home.

I came home to find my other half in the car waiting for me with the car running... he had asked me to be home for 4pm... I got back at 4:30 (ooops!). So I hopped out of one car and into another and off we went for dinner with the in-laws at Red Lobster. I don't eat seafood, so for me it wasn't a big occasion. But all the seafood lovers, their plates were practically licked clean.

So now I'm back home. I'm catching up with my BB's since I wasn't able to get into them yesterday or this morning. Then I'm going to settle down with some stitching, my Lanarte Pig for a change (I need a wee break from TW's Wedding Sampler) and watch some movies. I think we're going to order Bourne Supremacy off of the dish, we loved Bourne Identity when it came out. If you haven't read Bourne Identity but seen the movie, I urge you to pick up the novel... totally different (the movie just has the same basic plot) but excellent as well! Someday I plan to read the entire series.

I have a lot of books that are "somedays". This week I've been picking up a couple of quick reads from work... they're novels that someone like me can read in an hour to two hours. The series is called "Orca Soundings" they're what we call in the library business a Hi-Lo reader ... high interest low vocabulary. These books are gauged at teens with hard hitting-true to life plots that will attract the reluctant reader. As an adult and advanced reader these books are also keeping my attention.

Now as my serious read for myself I'm reading "requiem for the sun" by Elizabeth Haydon its the latest paperback in the "Symphony of Ages" series (fantasy). I've read all the other books in this series so far : "Rhapsody : child of blood", "Prophecy : child of earth", "Destiy : child of the sky" They're all fairly thick books, 500-700 pages.

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thutmosis said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, Dani! I'm glad you had such a good time. I had never heard of Elizabeth Haydon....I'm going to check her books out. They sound good!