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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Found A New Question of the Week

Well I found out awhile ago Stitching Question of the week was gone :( Now I've found a blog that offers one, it may be infrequent. At least it gives me something to blog about when I feel like I don't have anything interesting or worth while to tell you so here's the Question :

Do you frame your cross stitch yourself or do you take it to a professional framer? Why?In your opinion, what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of putting your workbehind glass when you frame it? (from Stitched With Love and Cat hair)

As of one year ago I started to frame my needlework myself. Why? Because I was sick and tired of paying 200+ to have small pieces framed with a simple frame and no mat. In other words while the quality was great I felt like I was being ripped off. Boy was I right! Once I took my framing course I found out its really not that expensive in terms of supplies. Yes there is that initial investment in tools and the course, but I think by now they have paid for themselves! Now as for the glass debate! I do not put my needlework behind glass. Why you may wonder, I've framed my earlier pieces under glass and you totally loose that feeling of needlework. To me it just becomes another picture on the wall. When there's no glass the light can work on the different fibers and textures, metallics and beads can sparkle!!! Now if a piece is going into a smoker's home, yes I do put it under glass because I don't want the piece to become nicotine stained.

Now how is my TW progress coming along... not bad this week! On Monday I finished all the cross stitch on the left hand side of the border, last night and once I'm done here tonight I will continue with backstitching. I've got the ribbons BS'ed and more than 1/2 done with the leaves. Once the BS has been done on that section I will put in the rayon satin stitches and the left side of the border will be done! I think I'll have quite a bit of stitching time this weekend. Of course by saying this I've probably just jinxed myself!

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Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Always glad to hear about someone else having a non-glass perference like myself. Anything hanging in the bathroom/kitchen goes behind glass as well as any large gifts, but I'm with you. I like seeing the fibers, beads, and sparkles without any obstructions. :)