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Saturday, August 21, 2004

5th Annual Eastern Ontario TWBB Retreat!!!!

Yay! Its finally here, every year I count down the months, then weeks, then days to the annual TWBB retreat hosted by Ann. Today, its finally here and in less than an hour I can hit the road.

This will be my third year attending the retreat. Its an awesome weekend that recharges the stitching batteries. Ann has been kind enough to open her home (and her RV) to us for one weekend each year. The only charge : bring some food for pot luck, some sleeping gear (if you're spending the night), and stitching to show off! Its 24 hours of ladies chatting, eating, and hopefully getting in a few stitches. I've brought my digital camera so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share with you on Monday/Tuesday.

There is a real beauty to blogging, right now I'm sitting in a basement in Kingston before I head on an hour west of here to Ann's house. This weekend I've always taken it slowly, in stages. Yesterday Christin and I piled into the car... well Christin did the piling/packing since I cannot lift yet. I drove the 2 hours here to her parents house where we spent the night. Boy did driving 2 hours really poop me out! I had to struggle to stay up until 10pm. I'm only sleeping about 5-6 hours at a time right now because I have to lie on my back and after so long it starts to hurt. I can't wait until I can flip flop in bed again! Its funny how you can miss simple things like being able to lie on your side! I also have to admit my right side is a little sore from driving yesterday (I drive a 5-speed the only way to drive).

So its off to retreat we go!

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