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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fabulous Fobs

Well I did promise you pictures of the fobs I made last week once they had gotten to their new owners. So here they are...

The following Fobs are for sale through Knowledge and Needles please visit the Website to get in contact with Ann to purchase one (they will eventually go on her website but just drop her an e-mail if you're interested in one you see here)

Blue Beads with Needlework Scissor Charm

Outrageously Pink with High Heel Charm - SOLD

Purple Stars with Imagine and Beleive Charms

Red and Black with Dragon Charm

Dark Blue Moons with 1/2 Moon Charm -- SOLD

Marj's Green Frog Fob, this will keep the frogging blues away from your project (not for sale)

1 comment:

Belinda said...

Absolutely beautiful! (Or should that be "obsolutely fobulous!").

*wipes drool off her keyboard while trying to justify a scissfor fob to herself*