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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A fobulous Day

Today I didn't get that much stitching done. I get a little annoyed each day when I really don't stitch as much as I would like for one reason or another.

Late this afternoon I went out to Dragon's Lair Beads and made six scissor fobs. Boy when you're making that many you start to run out of "inspiration". I think I prefer making one or two at a time. Five of the six I have made will be for sale through Knowledge and Needles in Brighton, Ontario. The sixth is for a friend I will be seeing at the 5th annual Eastern Ontario TWBB Retreat.

I've asked the owner of Knowledge and Needles if I can share scans of the fobs I've made with you, I'm just waiting for her reply. The one I've made for my friend I will share with you after the weekend is over... its only fair that she gets to see it first!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I'd love to see them, Dani. The pics of the ones you've made have been gorgeous. Sounds like a rather busy day making all those. But to be surrounded by beads - ah ! A gorgeous day :D

Hope you're on the mend !