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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Floss Filing Observations

Today I'm taking my stitching/computer/framing room in hand. Its time to start straightening up and putting stuff away!

Whenever I finish a project I take all of my floss bobbins from that project and instead of putting them away right then and there they get dumped into a little basket I got last fall from Jennifer of Dragon Dreams (see Jen I found a good use for it!). I put anything in this basket I've used for projects until I get the urge to file everything away neatly.

So here I am sitting at my computer and between web pages loading (stupid slow rural connection!) I'm organizing my bobbins into groups of 100's then putting them in order for filing into my floss boxes. You know what I've observed in the last couple of months the colours I've used the most are the 800's family! Mainly browns (ick). The second most are the 400's with again mainly gold/browns. Its neat to sit here and see what colours I've been using lately.

Hmmm I think its time to stitch something it totally gaudy colours!

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