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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Urgh... Sleep Study

If you've every been lucky enough to go for a sleep study then you should know what I'm talking about. I do first want to say that everyone there was sooo nice and the facilities were great.

But... I had the worst sleep of my life ever. Of course you're trying to sleep with electrodes on your head, face, legs, two straps around your chest and you're all plugged in for the night. I honestly thought I had slept maybe two hours last night. However according to the data they received I fell asleep within 30 minutes... which is normal for me. That I even reached a deep sleep which actually surprised them. I did wake up a couple of times during the night as well.

And well it wasn't nice getting woken up at 5:30 am on a Sunday! Oh well hopefully there's a reason why I don't feel rested when I wake. Now I just have to wait for the data to be studied and a report sent to the Doctor.

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Shannon said...

Oh Dani... I have yet to meet anyone who thought this was even an "okay" experience. My doc keeps suggesting it and I just laugh. How exactly does having electrodes all over my body, being forced to sleep on my back, knowing that people are monitoring me - how's that going to help me with my trouble getting to sleep in the first place ? LOL

Glad you made it through - and here's hoping the results can help !