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Friday, August 06, 2004

Hmmmm Big Toe

My big toe is a little stiff/sore this morning. Last night at Taekwon-Do I did my last interim test as a first degree black belt. The next step is now my actual 2nd degree test. Which I hope to do in November if all goes well.

Why is my big toe a little sore? I had to break two boards using a turning kick. I must of hit it more with my toe than the ball of my foot for my toe to be a little sore and stiff this morning. But I broke the boards and not my toe so all is good. I did pass my test last night. For some reason I was very nervous about it... silly its not as if it was for my 2nd Dan.

Now Stitching... for not having to be anywhere yesterday I didn't get much stitching done. I've gotten in a couple of more rows on Bandon Lighthouse. Last night around 11pm I got the strange urge to bead. I mean, who gets the urge to bead? That usually something us stitchers hate doing. So I decided to bead part 2 of Mystery VI. I DO NOT want to leave all that beading to the end so I had set a goal to bead one of the earlier parts each month, that way at the end its manageable. I have to say the Delica bead colours are just georgeous and they shimmer so nicely!

Besides some stitching time yesterday I spent the bulk of my morning/afternoon organizing my specialty threads. Boy I didn't realize how many I had until I started! First I typed out the Brand, number and colour on labels on the computer. Printed those out and started sticking them on floss-a-way bags. I ran out of bags. So what I did have baggies for is tagged and on the correct ring (one for silks, one for cottons, one for rayons, and one for wisper and other strange fibers). The rest will have to wait until my next pay when I can pick up more baggies. I need about 88 more and if I recall I can get a package of 100 in Lewiscraft or the Cross Stitch Cupboard. I'm being real picky and I want the actual Floss-A-Way brand not the no-name ones you can pick up in Michaels.

I really like uniformity and I like everything to be the same.

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Shannon said...

I hear you about the floss-away bags. I tried using a mix of them and snack-sized zip locs. Bugs me everytime I use the floss. Glad to know it's not just me :) Didn't know Lewiscraft had them, but that's worth a look. None of the LNS's here in the Toronto area seem to carry them.

Rest up the big toe ! And have a great weekend.