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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Glutton For Punishment? Or Can't Say No?


Yesterday at work we got the sudden announement that a staff member was leaving. This was good news for her! That afternoon I was asked ... "Can you frame a school letter?" My reply was well ummm... I can try but no guarantees. Now I'm thinking couldn't I have said no, give me a couple of days???

Last night being Wednesday I had absolutely no time to work on it as it was my teaching night at Taekwon-Do. Boy that's a long night! I teach from 5:15 to 9:30pm that's 5 classes!!! Argh! Starting with little tigers ages 4-6 up to advanced adults. I didn't get home until 10pm. I was given the time to run to the engraver and get the plate done at the end of the work day.

Sooo today after work I ran and picked up the glass for the piece. Zipped up to the Hyundai Dealer and got the replacement mirror for my car, just in time for my drive to Toronto tomorrow. By the time I got home it was almost 5pm. Its essentially taken me until after 11pm tonight to get this one piece done! That's mats cut, letter mounted, and so on. The molding proved to be a little tricky and the glue didn't seem to want to dry. I was just so frustrated by 9pm. I didn't even start making dinner until after 8pm!

Grrrrr... why do I say yes?

I get to go to Toronto after work tomorrow! Yay!!!

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