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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Last Sleep

My bags are packed... I'm ready to go **Dani sings off key**

Yup! Tonight is my last sleep (are you tired of me blogging about this yet!) then tomorrow after work I get to leave for the Cross Stitich Cupboard's Fall Retreat! I'll be taking my camera... and my laptop so I might be able to blog at the end of each day... we'll see. The Inn advertises wireless internet. So it'll come down to is it free, is there a cost? If so how much? Or will there be an unprotected wireless signal nearby I can pick up? The way I look at it is if you have a wireless signal and you don't password protect it that's not my fault, I'll take advantage of that. Especially because I don't have a high speed connection out here in the boonies where I live so I can do some serious surfing when I get on high speed!

Tonight after work I did my duty and gave blood at the local blood donor clinic. It always amazes me that I can give a pint in under 10 minutes. Today was my 6th time giving blood. I was hoping to get to my packing and organizing earlier tonight, but for the life of me the phone wouldn't stop ringing. I can go weeks, a month, or more without any phone calls! Tonight I'm on the phone for at least two hours! So now I'm all packed, except for the laptop and my stocking which I will be working on Friday evening/night. Once I get my hands on Jennifer Aikman-Smith's class project I'll be working on that for the rest of the weekend!

So have a good weekend if I don't blog while I'm at the retreat! I'll try to have plenty of pictures!

I'm going to *try* to stitch a little before bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dani,
Have a great time at the retreat. I'm looking forward to the pictures.
Bye, Cindy