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Friday, October 07, 2005

September Review and October Goals.

Gosh I'm way behind in my blogging I should of done this about a week ago. Update you on how I did with my September goals and what I've got planned for October.

Alrighty Then...

September Goals :
Stitch part 3 of Midi Mystery 1 Yes! Happy Dance
Stitch and finish part 3 of Mini Mystery J Yes!
Work on Noah's Sub Yes!
Start Dragon By The Fireside Stocking Yes!
Stitch one ornament Yes!
DD SAL No -- Didn't have the time
Freebie SAL No -- Didn't have the time

I'm trying to keep things simple this month.

October Goals
Stitch Midi Mystery part 4
Work on Stocking
Work on Noah's Sub
Stitch One ornament

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