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Monday, January 23, 2006

Model Stitching Away

Well I've been model stitching away here! I really need to catch up since I barely stitched last week. My migraine seems to be behaving today, it threatened to come back after lunch but it didn't "come forward".

While I've been sitting here stitching I've been mentally going through all those projects from my craft room screaming to be stitched. Oh to be a lady of leisure! Sigh, maybe we'll win the 6/49 or Super7 this week...

Last night, I had a great night... I barely stitched all day, we were quite busy doing domestic and family stuff. The reason last night was great... I scored my first goal during our playoff game at soccer!

I totally skipped out on the Celtic Banner SAL yesterday. I had so little stitching time that it wasn't even worth pulling out of the ole' stitching basket.

I hope all you Canadians who qualified went and did your civic duty tonight and voted!

Gosh this is so scattered tonight, I know there was something else I wanted to blog about but I can't remember.


Dawn T. said...

Congrats on scoring a goal!

Shannon said...

Congratulations on the goal ! Woohoo !! :)

Katie said...

Here's hoping your Migraine stays away so you can get plenty of stitching in ;) Love the rag quilt++

Bastet said...

My we've been busy! Hope the migraine stays away. Those are nasty things to deal with.

jenny91277 said...

Way to go for the goal!

I have been reading your blog for a while just never posted before. I am always inspired by seeing your work.