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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Slow Stitching Week, SBQ, A Ornament HD

Well this past stitching week has been the pits I have to say. I've been plagued with an on and off migraine since last Saturday. The end result? Not a lot of time online, and not a lot of stitching got done.

At this point I should be at least half way done on that last model for Great Bear Canada... I've barely got a start on it. Which means I'll really need to boogie on it next week!

On Tuesday night at Guild I started a really cool project which I'll try to finish this weekend and share with you here. Its a lovely beaded brooch that will go in the goodie bags we'll be giving at the Regional EAC meeting we'll be holding later this year. I think I managed to get quite creative with mine. I think I could of sat there and finished it that night, but we had freezing rain, so I had to leave early.

I also got a lovely little bonus that night. Before guild I hung out at Christin's since we go to the meeting together. I brought all my recent stash acquisitions to show off. She surprised me with Judy O'Dell's Box Finishing Book! So I now have three Judy O'Dell books for my collection! But at the rate life is going lately I probably won't have the time for a finishing spree until March Break.

This weekend on the Needle and Thread BB it is the Freebie SAL. Between manageable moments with my migraine on Friday (stayed home sick from work, I was in no state to drive after a horrible night's sleep and a bad migraine) I started a small prairie Schooler Freebie I got from Knowledge and Needle. So I've killed two birds with one stone, I stitched a freebie and an ornament. Its stitched on 32ct Platinum Lugana, the design called for DMC but I swapped them all out for various overdyed threads I had. All the colours except the blues are from a Loose Threads GAST pack my friend Christin gave me. I'm happy to send this freebie chart along to the first person that sends me an e-mail at . Jenna was the first to e-mail me so the chart is hers!

Now for this week's SBQ...

Q: Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

A: Yes, I finished that Dinky-Dyes Freebie! Its all in a past blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Sent you an email. :) That is a really cute little freebie! I like your overdyed substitutions; it gives the piece a little more personality.

Like I said in my email, I hope you kick that migraine soon!

Unknown said...

Hope that you have kicked that migraine into touch Dani, killers for us stitching folk.

Love the wee freebie too. Pretty colours.

Dawn T. said...

Your Prairie freebie is so cute! Great job, Dani. I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Have a great weekend!

Running Kiwi said...

Hi Dani - I just posted an answer for you on the fairy part of the Mirabilia board :)

Your little PS is very cute :D

Hope you're feeling better now ((hug))

Anne S said...

Sorry to hear you've been plagued with migraines - I definitely sympathise with you! Hope you've managed to kick them in the guts by the time you get this (I'm sooooo behind with blogging, so my comment is a bit late). Your ornament finish is lovely too :))