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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ways To Avoid Stitching

Well I don't know what was wrong with me today! But it felt like I was doing everything to avoid stitching... Model stitching today.

This morning I finished the beading for my beaded brooch for Guild in February. I'm quite thrilled with the results of this project, as its a first for me. I'm hoping that its obvious, that its a wave??? This could be quite an addictive activity.

After I finished this brooch I was a good girl and stitched for awhile. But then, it was nap time... I pretty much napped all afternoon. I felt a wee bit of a headache coming on, so I thought it would be best to sleep before it hit. It never hit, perhaps a 2 hour nap helped.

After I got up I proceeded to start putting together a fleece rag quilt. It was a kit I picked up at Joanne's Fabrics the last time I was in Tennessee. It was a real steal, you can't even buy this much fabric for $9.99! This picture isn't the best, but its a real funky rag quilt in fun colours!

I got part of the way through my quilt when Todd got home, I made us dinner. I sat down to stitch some more, but then decided to make Chocolate Chip cookies! While batches baked I started to finish off my rag quilt.

Finally now, after midnight I'm sitting down and stitching. I probably won't get a lot of stitching done on Sunday, we've got a busy day ahead of us! Sunday evening I have a play-off soccer game! Stitching wise, tomorrow is Celtic Banner SAL day... I might just skip it for this week and work on my model. I'd like to get that finished up so I can focus on my own stuff, and I have an exchange coming up, and need to stitch two treat bags.


Erin said...

That quilt is really cool! Our Jo-Ann's here is going out of business, and I spent WAY too much money there yesterday. *sigh* (I actually intended to send some of the stuff I picked up away as RAKs, but after reading all the wish lists, I can't find anyone who WANTS what I got. Grrrr.)

Christine Doyle said...

Very creative ways of not stitching, Dani! It was obvious to me your broach is a wave - and a very pretty one, too. Love the quilt - seems like a nice easy project for a blah afternoon. Here's hoping you feel like stitching again, soon!

Terri said...

Looks wonderful Dani. I love the broach. Your quilt is great. The colors are definitely vibrante.

Von said...

Even tho little stitching was accomplished, I'd say you had a great day!! Hurrah!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love the brooch and rag quilt has fabulous colors, it would cheer up any room. Hope you can get through that model and on to your own things soon. Happy Stitching, CJ

Litla Skvís said...

Well the first thing that I tought when I saw it was "Oh cool wave" so it must be obvious!

And that quilt will be so cool! Love the bright colors!

Shannon L. said...

The broach is gorgeous. Absolutely fabulous use of colour, and very obviously a wave ! The quilt colours are also very cheerful - looks like fun :)

Jenna said...

Both are neat projects, Dani! No wonder you were distracted from stitching. :) Glad to hear the headache didn't grab hold of you.