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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sigh, Back To Work

Today was the day, D-Day, back to work day. The weather couldn't of been better this morning, a nice little snow storm. So it took awhile. By the end of the day I was pooped and had to take a nap!

I had a descent mail day today, I got a new finishing booklet in the mail that I ordered during the Christmas Holidays (yes we had a bad case of the clickie finger a couple of times). Today I received Elegant Stitch's Cube-It Booklet. I'll have to try making up my first one this weekend... I think I have enough supplies on hand without having to go shopping. Due to this technique being copyrighted I can't share the instructions with you on my webpage. However the instructions look great and fairly easy to follow. I can tell you for sure after I build my first Cube-It if the booklet is truly worth it.

This evening I've done a little more work on my model for Great Bear Canada, but my eyes are bothering me, so its slow going.

Danielle asked me if I had done anohter Celtic design last year, and the answer is yes last year I stitched Celtic Band Sampler. I have to say I LOOOVE Celtic designs, it must have something to do with my British/Scottish background.

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Von said...

Sorry to hear your eyes are bothering you tonight, Dani! But you had a big day back to the old grind so it's good to make an early night of it :) Hope tomorrow is a good one for you.