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Friday, April 22, 2005

Getting Ready For The SAL!

Well I had a nice little entry typed up for you when my computer decided to freeze. *Sigh* that seems to be happening more frequently lately, alas its not grave enough for a new snazzy computer. How I'd love to replace this monster with a nice little laptop, then I could be doing this from my cozy spot on the couch! Someday... that's what dreams are for.

Anyhow I'm getting ready for my SAL with Katrina the Kiwi, we agreed back in March that in May we'd start a Celtic Band Samplar SAL (by Homespun Samplar). I realized yesterday that May was fast approaching and it was time to start getting things ready. I had it envisioned in my mind that I'd be stitching it on Queen Ann's Lace Joblean from Wichelt. However I didn't realize exactly how big this pieces is... Especially on 28ct. Celtic Band Samplar with an extra 4" of fabric all around ends up being 18" wide and 33" tall! EEEEk!!! After stitching Celtic Heart on the same fabric last fall I didn't have enough left over. So I pulled out the rest of my hand dyed fabrics and went searching! I think I came up with the PERFECT fabric! I'll be stitching this piece on African Daisy Joblean from Wichelt. Its a nice soft mottled yellow, and the floss colours loook fantastic on it!!! So I now have my flossies pulled, my fabbie cut. I just need to make a working copy of the chart and then I'm ready.

I'm hoping that Katrina and I will be doing this SAL on Monday nights... is that good for you Katrina? I know that's one of my less busier nights!

Besides getting stuff ready for this SAL yesterday I received most of my supplies for my Ornament RR starting as well in May. Well the fabbie threads and beads are here I'm waiting on the embellishment but that can be sent out later. So I cut up that fabric for each stitcher, and I can get going on the ornie for myself, I'd like to have it done in time to send along as a sample.

So what's on the books for this weekend? Well tomorrow is my teaching day at TKD, I have to put in one Saturday a month.. not my favorite day to teach, but I have to do my part. After that my weekend is dedicated to stitching ... unless something exciting comes up! Since its going to rain all weekend, that is the perfect thing to do. First on the agenda is to get parts 1a, 1b and 2 finished on Mini Mystery i ... my kit arrived on Monday and its time for me to catch up. Next I'll get going on my Ornament for the RR... can't tell you what it is, but I will share a link with a pic when its all stitched up. It think that's all I'll manage to get done stitching wise this weekend. Poor Noah's Sub, it won't get touched at all this week! Oh well, at least there's no deadline for that!

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