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Sunday, April 03, 2005

March Review and April Stitching Goals

I think its been awhile since I've reported my goals on my blog, yes me bad. However I do so religiously over at the Needle and Thread the bulletin Board which I run.

Okay so here we go ...

March Review :

Finish Mini Mystery H - Yes!
Make Progress on TW's Wedding Sampler - I think I did great!
Stitch 1 Ornament - Yuppers!
Start a New Project for March Break - No I got sucked into Wedding Sampler
Dragon Dreams SAL - Started and finished a freebie

April Goals :

Stitch part 1a of Mini Mystery I - if my kit ever gets here (on backorder)
Finish TW's Wedding Sampler
Stitch one ornament
Start a Dragon Dreams Freebie on SAL day

Well, I had a fantastic day yesterday! The weather for driving was horrible, it was windy and raining ALL DAY... I mean it didn't stop, it was still pouring when I rolled in at home at 1:30am! I found the Kingston Guild's merchant mart not as big as last year, there seemed to be less vendors and what vendors were there didn't have really anything I wanted to buy. I got away pretty easily, I bought one chart from Knowledge and Needles, Lavender Lilacs from The Silver Lining. I also bought a pair of funky earrings from Dragon's Lair Beads, I look forward to wearing them to work tomorrow. The afternoon was spent visiting and stitching with Beth and Christin. Late in the afternoon I picked up Vicki from the merchant's mart and we had a great time of show and tell with our finished pieces at Beth's house and we had a fantastic dinner and sat around the dining room table and talked for HOURS! What a great day we had yesterday!

Today I'm getting some framing jobs finished up, and then I'm going to blast away at TW's Wedding Sampler... like I said I want it DONE!!!!!

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