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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ornament HD

I had a great day today, visiting with my friend in Cornwall, bonus I finished my April ornament. I stitched a freebie that I had seen someone else complete this month over at the TWBB. Its called Carre Noel. Its stitched on mystery fabric (I don't know what it is, unmarked in my stash!) using mystery GAST colours. How can the colours be a mystery you ask? Well I got a package of GAST "Loose Threads" for my birthday and I just went through them looking for the right shades.

On my drive to Cornwall, the cop count was 2 and on the way home 3. Not intimidating at all.

Tomorrow is promising to be another nice day so I might putter in my gardens, get the dead growth from last year pulled out, and its Dragon Dreams Sunday!

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