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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question Of The Week

Q : What is your next specialty stitch?

A : Well I KNOW that my next specialty stitch that I will do is the plaited stitch on TW's Wedding Sampler its the border for the bottom box. However this is not a new stitch for me, I actually did it for the first time years ago on TW's Celtic Inspirational Band Sampler. Now I will have to pull out some instructions and review how it was done and probably take a look at CIBS. I always find its a great help when I have an actual stitch or a very good picture to refer to. My favorite place to go for great (and animated) diagrams is Victoria Sampler's Website, click on the VS Club... be sure to join if you're not a member its the only way you'll access this area. Not only are there great animated stitches but there's a gazillion freebies there too!

In the last year I've learnt some very cool and difficult stitches through Chatelaine's Mystery VI. The queen stitch was new to me last year and so was the Jessica Stitch which is just gorgeous! Another designer that really challenges your ability for specialty stitches is Jeannette Douglas, she takes conventional specialty stitches and tweaks and changes them to the effect she wants to achieve. I found that her instructions have been fabulous in the designs I've stitched from her so far.

Is there a new stitch I'm going to learn... I don't know. Each new stitch I've gone out and learnt has been because the design I'm working on makes it necessary. In TW's Wedding Sampler I'll be doing : Plaited Stitch, Satin Stitch, Rhodes Stitch, Wrapped Back Stitch, Lazy Daisy and Eyelets. My next start which will be Celtic Band Sampler by Homespun Samplar I don't think has any specialty stitches.

Good news on the Wedding Sampler front : last night I finished the bottom right hand spray of flowers and I've almost finished the top!!!

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