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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'd Like To Say Thank You

To all of you who come here and read my blog, and leave such kind comments behind. Its really a boost to know that people come and read your words and send a message back about what you've been rambling on about. It makes blogging worth while.

So you've probably been anxiously wondering... so what did she stitch on tonight? Hmmm well I did mention a couple of possibilities last night didn't I? Well when I got home from work (after an exciting staff meeting, yeah right) I pulled Noah's Submarine out of its dust covers! The first thing I did was rip it off of the scroll rods. Originally (over two years ago now!) I had decided I would stitch it using my floor stand since its a rather large piece on 28ct fabric. I know for sure now I am a die hard in hand stitcher, so off it came! The next task was to put away all my threads from previous projects. When I finish a project I usually throw into a little green basket I got from Jennifer Aikman-Smith as a door prize in one of her classes a couple of years ago. Then once and ahwile... actually when it starts to overflow I sit down and put it all back where it belongs. That's as far as I got before going to Taekwon-Do tonight.

Tonight's TKD class was great! I left here not really wanting to go but I knew I should (I've been in rather stay home mode lately). Jason worked us really hard for the warm up with over 100 jumping jacks then 5 rounds of wind sprints! It was nice to get some attention with the first of three 2nd degree patterns. Its slowly coming together now.

Jason... here's wishing you good luck at Canadians when you go in a couple of weeks!

So anyhow I've now sat and put two hours into Noah's Sub, ahhh such a nice colourful piece to work on. I'll be sharing weekly progress pictures with you on Sunday/Mondays as usual! So how quickly do you think I can get it done??? I've just got going on the 2nd page of this design.

When I have the time (looks like that will be Thursday or Friday) I'm going to rustle around here in my computer/craft/framing room and get supplies together for my April Christmas Ornament, and figure out which Wee Beastie I'll be adding to my RR. I'd like to get to those this weekend. That may change when my kit arrives for Mini Mystery i... I know its on its way and parts 1a, 1b, and 2 are out and I can't stitch it. For those of you who know me well know that this is driving me nuts!!!!

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Jan said...

Dani - I've found you again !!!
We used to snailmail .It was nice to read up what you've been up to - wow you put me to shame .Take care Jan from UK