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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Coming up for Air

Well it was a very hard weekend for all of us. Todd's Aunt's funeral was yesterday and it was lovely and simple... also very emotional.

Between everything going on I didn't really get a weekend this past week and I've been quite exhausted! Scary to say I've barely stitched in over a week now. I think I've managed to put in a stitch or two here and there but no true stitching time. If I can get anything accomplished I'd like to get my ornament for May finished. But so far that's not happening because I have so much online stuff to catch up on.

Friday, Saturday a
nd Sunday was Needlearts 2006, and exhibition of needlework my guild puts on every two years. This year I was one of the organizing co-chairs. Friday was an incredibly long day with getting the show set up for 6pm when we opened to the public. I spent all day Saturday there as well, volunteering as a docent... and keeping an eye on my baby so to speak. I totally missed Sunday and the takedown of the show due to the wake. Anyhow the show was a roaring success with over 500 people coming (and paying) to see the show!

I have another guild related event to attend this weekend and that's Dickinson Days in Manotick at Watson's Mill. I'll be manning the OVGS booth with my friend Christin.

This week I'm just looking forward to a quiet week where I will be allowed to stitch!!! I feel like I'm getting little to nothing done this year when it comes to my stitching. I think I'm going to go back to practicing "La Technique" that is stitching one project at a time. I feel like I'm spending so little time on any one project that it'll take me years to finish what I've got on the go!!!


Katie said...

{{Hugs}} to you and Todd. The show looks awesome, I wish our local official guild was as organized!!

Shannon L. said...

Sorry to hear about Todd's aunt. It must be a sad time for you all.

Dani returning to La Technique ? *gasp* ! I can understand why though. Occasionally it does seem like nothing is getting finished. Personally though, I think you've done alot this year ! I've certainly enjoyed the pics :)

Karoline said...

Congratulations on such a successful show. Sorry to hear about Todds Aunt

Carol said...

Needlearts 2006 looks like it was fun - lucky you :-) I love your Montreal Sampler - superb!!