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Monday, May 08, 2006

Get Stuffed Canada Post!!!!

Sometimes I really hate the postal system!!!!

Today after work I went up to the General Store to mail the latest round in the Ornament RR I'm in. The only difference this time is that the envelope a bubble envelope the same size as a sheet of paper had supplies for two different ornaments, not just one. The envelope was fat but not heavy.

Normally I only send one ornament at a time and it is thin enough to go letter post. From Canada to the U.K. that usually runs me about 8 bucks. Like I said this time it was fat. To send two ornaments it cost me 30 BUCKS!!!!

Absolutely freakin' INSANE. How do they get off charging 3o dollars for an envelope with a couple of pieces of fabric and some thread!!!!

AAAARRRRGHHH! I sent it anyhow, because I had to. It might of been cheaper to re-package them and sent them separately.



Katrina said...

sounds pretty outrageous to me too Dani, how stink! Post from NZ to anywhere overseas has gone up considerably over the past few months making posting gifts, etc a very expensive thing to do, even when you think the parcel is very light it still costs heaps!!

Bastet said...

I'm glad I don't have your postal system. Just sending a few squares over to england hasn't even cost me $4.00 yet. The last bit I sent was 6 7X7 squares and it wasn't even three dollars. And I send them in the bubble envelopes since I don't trust the water.

Carol said...

Oh no! I will never, ever complain about the US Postal Service again! That would have cost me about $4 to ship to the UK.... I wish I could just send your stuff for you!!! Stop me, please, if you ever see me complaining about our postal service - this post made me appreciate them a bit more! (I just saw Amanda quotes the same price... wonder if we could work something out or not...)

Karin said...

I feel your pain Dani - I sent 3 parcels, each identical in small bubble wrap mailers - the one's to the states were ~
$5 each (which is outrageous, but whatever), and the one to Canada was $9!! To the next province over even! The one's to the states were going much further, out of the country and cost less - figure that one out :)

Pam said...


I think they ripped you off!! That is the parcel rate and the envelope should still have qualified for small packet air if it was close to letter size.

Even a 10 x 13 inch envelope would have to have a thickness of 12 inches to exceed the 90 cm maximum l x h x w!!