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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A New Start & May Goals

Sorry I haven't blogged in DAYS! I've not been feeling too well then I was just plain exhausted Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. All day today I've been fighting to keep my eyes open at work! So that's why I haven't blogged. Now onto the fun stuff!

Oooops I was bad, I got to start a new project over the weekend. I was very lucky and got to attend a class from Jeannette Douglas! She was teaching a special piece, Montreal Sampler. This will go fantastically next my Ottawa Sampler! I suppose I should also stitch that Toronto Sampler I bought years ago!!

I also had a weak stash moment! I bought from Jeannette the chart, fabric, fiber pack and charm pack for My Stitching Treasures! Jeannette showed us what she was working on for the inside of the box for My Stitching Treasures. I didn't buy the box.... yet I think I'll leave that for Todd to get me for Christmas! I also picked up the kits for her Hope, Love, and Joy Christmas Ornaments!

I'm not as far along with design as I'd like to be because of how tired I've been. I've been so tired its been "dangerous" to stitch, especially one of senate's designs. Sunday night I took out Celtic Banner to attempt to work on it. I got
5 stitches into it and put it away too tired to stitch.

I think tonight I'll have the energy to work on it!

Gosh when I went to Christin's Blog I realized it was time to review last month's goals and state this month's... So here we go :

April Recap :
  • Finish Great Bear Model - Done and in the mail!
  • Stitch two ornaments - Done (one a disaster!)
  • Start Dragon Dreams model - Done and in the mail!

I kept things pretty low-key and achiveable for April

May Goals :

  • Finish Montreal Sampler
  • Stitch band on TWRR
  • Stitch one ornament
  • Celestial Dragon on Mondays
  • Celtic Banner on Sundays


Marianne said...

Hello Dany, nice to read you!! I was exausted also and only become to feel better today... I thougt I was alone to feel like that...
I didn?t pace a sttich since this wonderfull week end. It was nice to meet you!!
Take care,

Carol said...

I'm so glad you got to take a JD class :-) Mine is Saturday - Yay!!!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! Hope you're back to yourself soon. : )

Annette said...

I was gifted with the My Stitching Treasures chart last year and there is a model at my LNS that tempts me on every visit LOL!

Montreal will be gorgeous! Get to it! ;)

liz said...

Hi Dani, good to see you're back. Sorry to hear you were so exhausted. Times like that you just have to take it easy.
Must confess that I haven't heard of Jeannette Douglas, not sure if she is available in England. The picture that you have posted of something is really gorgeous, is that a JD design?