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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Long Time No See... No Stitch

Well what a week its been... way too many days since my last post!

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster around here and I've been beyond "stupid busy" I've not picked my needle up since Saturday! Oh my gosh! I didn't realize it had been that many days. There have been many attempts to stitch but either I've had to go do something, or I've been sitting here with my eyes drooping. You know what happens to work you do when you're that tired... you just rip it out the next day!

Let's see what has happened? I didn't stitch as much as I anticipated over the long weekend. Friday night I slept 12 hours, took a 3 hour nap Saturday afternoon, and slept another 12 hours Monday night! So I must of been tired! Saturday afternoon I did get in a good couple of hours on Montreal Sampler I finished two more rows! Lets see... do I have a progress picture somewhere??? Yes there it is! I put in the snowflakes and the stone wall rows. Next is the biodome! when I can find the time! Sunday I pulled out Celtic Banner with good intentions! I did manage to put in one more row of alphabet. But in the afternoon I had a nice visit with Christin and her parents as they stopped here on their way into Ottawa to drop off Crhistin's entry to this weekend's Needlearts show at the RA Center in Ottawa.

Then on Sunday afternoon for some bizarre reason I felt like going through my unfinished bag of finished projects and see if I could find a project that would fit in one of two 8x10 frames I had sitting around. I decided that To Build A Castle by Dragon Dreams, a class piece I did years ago would fit the size and colour of one of the frames nicely. But it needed a bath first. I couldn't remember if I washed it or not in the past so it was better safe than sorry! Since I had to wait for it to soak, rinse and dry I decided to go out for a bit. I ran to the local Co-Op (well it used to be the co-op I think its now the Country Store) and picked up potato seeds for my veggie gardens. I also wanted to see if they had any Ovrus. They didn't, but told me they should have more come show season. Then it was time to go over to my parents for dinner. My brother was there and I decided after two years it was maybe time to be in the same room with him again. It really was a nice evening... I even packed up Celtic Banner to work on while I was there.... I left the chart at home arrrgh!

Monday was a long, cold, miserable day best spent inside stitching. Unfortunately that's not what I was doing! It was my 2nd annual Victoria Day Weekend Garden Center shopping frenzy with my friend Chrisanne, her mother and daughter. When they got here they brought me all kinds of goodies from their gardens that they were thinning out! Believe me my wee little acre out here in the country needs all the plants it can get! Quickly we got everything in the ground. It took us the whole day, we went to 5 garden centers! I found all th
e irises I was looking for! I wanted Edith Wolford, Superstition, Rock Star and Starship Enterprise (every Trekkie has to have that in their garden!) When these are in bloom I'll share photos with you! After all that walking in the cold I was so tired I was out like a light by 7pm!

Now one thing I did manage to do that was stitching related on Monday was finish stretching To Build a Castle! I think it looks fantastic in my little store bought frame! I've got it hanging in the bedroom right now where the walls are a little bare after I dropped off my entries for Needlearts on Monday.

Since I had planned to work on Celtic Banner this week and finish the alphabet (that was my goal), I don't really have a progress picture of that for you. However while I was working on it Sunday morning while I watched Coronation Street on the CBC Cuddles snuggled up with me while I stitched and I got this lovely picture of him to share with you. He rested his head on my knee while I was stitching.

This past week has not been a good week for stitching at all. Tuesday I was going to spend a quiet evening at home, put my new plants in the ground and stitch. But I received a phone call with some bad news. Todd's Aunt Linda had passed away from Cancer that morning. Though she was sick the news still came as a bit of a shock to me. That was followed with numerous phone calls and to make arrangements to be off of work for the funeral on Monday. Then there was a phone call from my Mother with some upsetting family stuff that is just best kept off of here. So it was not a good night. I didn't stitch at all.

Last night was a long night at TKD and I didn't get home until after 10pm. Needless to say it was another case of too tired to stitch.

Once again this evening I have not put needle and thread to fabric. A good part of my evening was spent trying to find something to wear to the funeral on Monday and the shoes for said outfit. I also had to go buy a couple of things I am responsible for bringing tomorrow to the RA Center while we set up for Needlearts 2006.

On the up side I had two fantastic phone calls this evening. The first from my friend Laurette who I met through Taekwon-Do we had a really nice chat! Got all caught up and have made some tetative future plans to spend some time together. The second was a message on my answering machine. About a week ago I did a google search for an old friend of mine from middle school (turning 30 must make you think about old friends!) found a website she did a few years ago with an e-mail address. I sent her an e-mail letting Jen know I wanted to get back in touch and gave her all my details, leaving the ball in her court. Well she called! We spoke on the phone for about an hour and a half catching up on 10 years and reminiscing! We've promised to keep in touch. So here it is almost midnight, I have a big day ahead of me and still needle and thread have yet to touch fabric in this house! I'll be lucky for any stitching time I'll find this weekend!


Christine said...

My condolences to you and Todd on his aunt's passing.

I hope you're able to get some stitching time in this weekend. :-)

Joy said...

I am enjoying the progress on your latest sampler. I never stitched a sampler and was curious to know if JD explains her speciality stitches for her charts?

Debby said...

Sorry about all the bad news Dani.
It was nice to talk to you tonight at the show.
And of course, Cuddles is - what can I say? Gorgeous. You're lucky to have two such wonderful "boys".
Oh and the Montreal sampler is looking really nice too.

liz said...

Sorry to hear your sad news Dani, hang on in there. You're stitching is looking great, and it must be nice to have Cuddles for company, he is very cute!