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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Finishing Frenzy!!!

I'm sorry I've been pretty quiet lately. Its been an incredibly busy week for me, with many nights where I wasn't home until abut 10PM. Which of course means my stitching time has seriously suffered. I won't be working on Celtic Banner today like I should be. A lot of my stitching time this week was wasted when I discovered I was out one thread on a large part of the TWRR I'm working on. Arghhh!!!! Yesterday evening was spent sorting things out getting back on track. I will be working on it tonight, because its due to go out in the mail tomorrow. I don't think that will be happening! (it also got sent to me fairly late)

Well,I had a lot of finishing that had been piling up lately. Today was dreary, cold and wet... so what better day? Also deadlines also helped a little.

I got all caught up on my ornament finishing, 4 of them were in the "finishing bag".

Christmas Tree - Just Cross Stitch 2005 Ornament Issue

Golden Garland - Just Cross Stitch 2005 Ornament Issue

Joy Tree - Just Cross Stitch 2005 Ornament Issue

Santa Freebie - Parie Schooler... sorry about the bad pic!

While I was waiting for the iron to w
arm up to press all of my pieces and backing fabrics I finally finished stretching my first finished cross stitch piece! I originally had it framed at Costco for my Mum but over time I could see that the fabric was pulling away from the backing material. I was quite shocked to find that it was GLUED to a piece of cardboard! Also they had trimmed the excess fabric up to the edge of the cardboard. I had to sew on strips of muslin, and I'll have to mat this piece when I frame it to hide the muslin. Anyhow I thought I'd share my first HD ever with you!

Now I'll need to pick the right mats and frame and give it back to Mum.

One of my first true deadline finishing jobs was
Christin's nametag for guild. I finishhed this using my nametag instructions from my webpage. The same way in which I finished my own. Over the years I've done quite a bit of finishing for Christin. I kinda had no choice but to do it today since she gave it to me Friday night and our next Guild meeting is on Tuesday. I didn't do it yesterday because I was "recovering" from going to the INXS concert with Christin and Chrisanne. Its nice to have stitching buddies who are also your "concert buddies". The next concert the three of us are going to is Great Big Sea this summer during Bluesfest.

Finally, my last piece, my
pride and joy for today's work (and it was a full day 12PM-6PM). My Schwalm Neckpillow, the workshop I took through my guild at the end of April. I had finished all my stitching for the design that weekend the workshop was given. However I never got around to the finishing or the hemstitching... necessary something else new to me. This was my other deadline finishing job this weekend. This piece will be going in my guild's Needlearts 2006 show the last weekend in May. I've been one of the co-chairs heading the committee for the show for the last year. I still can't believe the show is almost here... its not this upcoming weekend but next weekend! Ack!!! I hope all goes well! You can get details for the show here at the OVGS website. This piece in particular will be going in the Education Exhibit, while I have 3 other pieces in the regular exhibition. I'll be pretty much living at the RA Center that weekend!


Katie said...

Oh I envy your finishing Dani, I really need to set aside a weekend just for finishing!

liz said...

Fantastic finishing Dani, I really love your ornaments.

Unknown said...

Your finishing is beautiful as always Dani!!! :) I love seeing your ornies finished up especially.
GLUED!!!! oh my! :-O Glad you're fixing it up right ;)

BTW, love the new blog theme!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful finishes Dani! I particularly like the neck pillow - very pretty :)

Gina E. said...

Hi Dani,
I am just catching up with your work after a couple of weeks, and I am simply blown away by this neck pillow! I didn't think anyone did whitework any more, especially to this standard; you really are Black Belt standard in needlecraft! I have whitework in my antique linen collection, but it was done before WW2, or even WW1 possibly - but very old in either case.