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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter one and all. I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend, with family and friends. We're not having a traditional Easter this year, Todd and I are not going to any family dinner. We had our Nephew over until early yesterday evening, that night we had a few friends and Todd's sister over for poker and UFC 69. Today we're just laying low, watching the Malaysian Grand Prix that we PVR'ed last night (at 2am... I thank the genius who invented the PVR!). Hunter posed for a lovely little Easter picture for us yesterday.

On Noah's Sub I'm still in never-never yellow land, and I'll be sharing a progress picture of that with you tomorrow. Today, I've got my progress on The Castle to share with you... I'm now officially 1/4 done! Yay! Next Saturday I'll start the bottom right hand page.

Today I'm going to start a small design (a freebie) called Hedgehog Quaker by The Workbasket to test floss colours for Paradigm Lost by Long Dog that I'll be starting in the fall. I'm actually going to stitch this design three times as I have three colours I want to test on the fabric I've chosen.


Karin said...

The Castle is looking fantastic, Dani - can't wait to see your Quaker designs.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Wow..that castle looks great :)
Glad to hear your having a great weekend! Have a happy Easter :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea to use the hedgehogs as a test piece - they're quick enough and cute enough to give a good idea of what it will look like ... better than starting PL and not being happy with it. Your Castle WIP is looking awesome too! :D

Von said...

Thanks for the link to the freebie! You had a great idea there to use it for auditioning threads - it's quick, simple, and adorable. :D

Dawn T. said...

Awww, Hunter is adorable:) The castle looks awesome!

catandturtle said...

Hunter is beautiful. Is he/she all black? I love black cats. Well, any color cat actually.