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Friday, April 20, 2007

Photo Hunt

I found on someone's blog earlier this week that they participate in Photo Hunters. So I followed the link and thought what a cool idea. It would also get me taking pictures more... also getting me to go though what I've got sitting on my hard drive. The basic idea is each Friday a theme is given ... you then post a picture using that theme, however you choose to interpret it. It must be a photo you've taken not something you've found on the net.

This week's theme is #54 Steps. Seeing as I am trying to stay off of my feet today I rememberd this photo I took of my Mum this past fall on Mt. Royal in Montreal.


Lucy said...

I like that idea....I may have to check it out! Thanks! that Noah's sub progress...lookin great!

Dawn T. said...

Hope you are taking it easy! Have a great weekend:)

Carol said...

I love that pic of your Mum :-) I remember when you took that trip!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun idea! Thanks for stopping by and answering my questions. :)