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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stick a Fork In It, Turn it Over, Its done

That's how I feel tonight. I'm just bagged!
It was a long day for me. At work I ran the library by myself all day as my co-worker was off buying books (yay!). So I didn't get a lunch break at all. I ate at the counter between busy times. At some point in the afternoon I realized I forgot my Taekwon-Do bag at home. I was not on the schedule today (normally I am scheduled on Wednesdays to teach 5-7pm) because I'm on the schedule for Saturday. I offered to go in and test two of my Little Tigers who missed last month's test. Well I ended up teaching from 5-9pm in the process! I tell you by that last class I don't make much sense to my students. Thank goodness its the adults, most of who I train with on a regular basis so they know to put up with me when I've worked a full day and taught a full night.

So no stitching for me.
However once I get home tomorrow from the Sports Dr. (getting a cortizone injection in the bottom of my heel) I'll be on perscribed "butt rest" AKA staying off of my feet for 24 hours. Guess whose going to be stitching her little fingers to a nub on Friday? I'm hoping to get a LOT done on the Sub.

Sorry for the boring 42 entry (42=life, the universe, and everything), I also apologize Blogger is spazzing and won't let me post a photo with this boring post.


Dawn T. said...

The shot just hurts hearing about it! Take it easy and stay off the foot:)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

My plantar fasciatis is acting up too...again! I was just thinking today I need to schedule a shot...
but I had a lot of them at the end of last year and my DR. wants to space them....I had an acquaintance get the surgery...has your DR. talked to you about it?

Carolyn said...

Will you be able to stay off your feet at home tomorrow? Because that would be the best! :) Good luck with your drs appt.

stitcherw said...

Wow, sounds like you really need a rest, to bad it also comes with getting a shot in your foot though. Hope it feels better soon, and that you get lots of stitching done.