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Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Best Birthday Presents???

I'm driving my little car chatting with my friend Christin we've just left her parents 5-10 minutes previously. I'm totally engrossed in the conversation. For some reason I decide to look in my rear view mirror.

There'sa ghost car behind me all lights flashing. I look at the speedometer.... CRAP!!!!

So I pull over I get the usual pull out your license, registration, insurance, etc. routine.

Asks me if I knew I had been doing 105-115 in an 80km zone. Ummm no officer I was totally involved in the conversation. Which leads me to think... how long was he following me for and how long had he had those lights flashing? Why didn't he blast the siren?

I'm sitting my my car he takes my documentation to the cruiser. Quite a few minutes he comes back.... Figured it must take awhile to write a ticket?

He hands me my documentation and says he's letting me off with a warning.

Hopefully he realized it was my birfday and that's why he let me go....

Its been a pretty good birthday this year, I've spent the day amongst friends doing things I like. We checked out the Kingston area needlework guild's merchant's mart. I easily blew my 60.00 budget.

I bought : Michael Powell's Mini Cottages III
2 skiens of hand dyed silk from KDS Fibers
1 beaded spider kit at a demonstration by my friend Vicki
And the coolest purse on earth with bright coloured CATS!
My friend bought for me : a fat quarter of dragon fabric (tres cool!)
and a Kats By Kelly chart
Her mom bought me a beadie blanket

Friday at work they had a card and cake for me the boss bought me a drink after work. So far in terms of gifts I got a stack of xs charts from my friend Christin a Celtic key chain and pen. From her parents I got a third Ice Dragon by Tudor Mint to add to my dragon collection. Tomorrow I should be getting my gift from my parents and hopefully Todd as well.

Todd took me out for dinner tonight at our favorite pub. It was a great dinner as usual. Just as our food was being served we were moved to a different table because the baby behind us got violently sick and was puking all over the place. One of the owners brought us two Tartan Beer Glasses with the bill to apologize. Hey its not their fault the baby got ill! But it was cool to get the glasses!

So that's about it for my birfday.

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