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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

OMG... How many days have Passed???

I swear it hasn't been 3 days since I last blogged!!!! I am a bad, bad, bad, bad blogger! Wet noodle lashings for Dani!

Well the last couple of days have been a blurr of feeling like crap and stitching! I was home sick on Tuesday with a bad tummy and a monster migraine the night before. I did get some more work in on Mystery VI and was hoping it would be done. But alas I have mis-calculated again! I should have it done by sometime Saturday. There's not much left to do, its just a matter of finding the time.

I have not put one stitch in fabric today! Straight after work I pointed my car in the direction of Manotick, it was my first time there ever! The reason for this field trip was to pick up frame molding and a mat for a piece I'm framing for Val at work. She has this gorgeous, little tapestry of Mary and Jesus that she was sent by a family member who visited The Vatican. Val handed the piece to me leaving all choices in my hands! Oh the pressure of choosing mat colour, frame colour, etc! But the choosing is done, and tomorrow night I plan to cut and assebmle the frame. I spent about an hour tonight cutting the backing board, the mat and sewing the tapestry onto the backing board. Because it is a textile that has a little bulk to it I built up underneath the top mat with foam core so its more like a shadow box style. Now lets just home the rabbit of the frame is big enough to fit it and the glass! (which I still have to buy!)

Hopefully I'll have a pic for you tomorrow.

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