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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Doin' the Snoopy Happy Dance of JOY!

A HUGE YAY for me! I've just finished model number 2 out of all the models I said yes to doing (slamming head on desk... why did I do that???). I've JUST finished...

Jeannette Douglas's Northern Lights Sampler c2002
Stitching time : about a month
Stitched on :28ct blue spruce cashel linen
Stitched using : all kinds of cool threads

I have to say this is one of the neatest designs I've ever stitched! There are just sooo many specialty stitches, almost all of them new to me! The directions are great, so for someone new to the stitches it wasn't that hard. I have to say my favorite rows were the igloos, snowflakes, and bargello stitched mountains.

My one complaint, the flosspack purchased to stitch this chart with. I had plenty of specialty fibers for all of the design except for the wisper. This chart uses two colours and I ran out of both. Luckily I had a card of white in my stash. The brown I ran out of with 4 stitches remaining. I did the most desperate thing in my life tonight. I pulled half of the floss out of my "ort jar" went through it to find any length of brown wisper long enough to stitch even one stitch with. I managed to do it, but I felt like a desperate smoker going through an ashtray for butts! I was also irked because my LNS's website showed them having this colour available, but when I actually when into the store, they didn't. As usual. This seems to becoming a common occurrence with my LNS, they carry the brand, but never have the colour I'm looking for! Grrrr....

I had ordered a card from an ONS just in case... threw in some new charts for my stash for good measure. Oh well I guess I'll just have it on hand for the day when I stitch this for myself!

So what's next on the stitching agenda????

1. Wee Beasties RR
2. Chatelaine Mystery VI - Part 3
3. The Sliver Lining's Bandon Light (over one... eeek!)

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