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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Telemarketers and progress!

Okay I'm putting it here for the world to see.... I HATE TELEMARKETERS!!! Why do you call my house? Why do you call me when I'm eating dinner? Its always when you're eating! Its always when you're busy or in the middle of something. Tonight I had two telemarketer calls. The first from a cell phone company... who I used to be a customer of but I was so unimpressed with the lack of signal in rural areas that I cancelled my cell phone almost two years ago now and I haven't missed it once! The second was a credit card company... wanting to offer me some "Home Protection Service". As soon as they identify themselves as trying to sell me something.... click. I hang up! I can't be bothered with being polite, they just won't accept no for an answer they try to talk you over. So I've given up on being nice... I hang up. If I haven't won anything please don't call me!

Besides the pain in the you know what telemarketers I made awesome progress on NLS tonight! I've completed rows 25-27! I now have some very cute igloos! That leaves..... 5 rows to go! C'mon happy dance!!!!!

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