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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

February Progress and March Goals

This is something we do each month over at the Needle and Thread bulletin Board. We state at the beginning of the month what we hope to get done and how we did on the previous month's list.

So here we go...

February Goals
Keep up with Mystery VI - No problem
Stitch Two Ornaments - Yup
Finish Jeannette Douglas's Northern Lights Sampler (model) - Not Quite, almost
Work on a DD design on Feb 8th - Yes, finished and framed too!
Stitch up the new Vermillion bear for this weekend (eek) - Nope still working on it

March Goals
Finish Northern Lights Sampler
Stitch Part 3 of Mystery VI
Stitch two ornaments
Work on a Dragon Dreams design on March 14th
Finish Vermillion Bear
Start Bandon Light House (Silver Lining)

I think we're aiming quite high this month... watch how I do!

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