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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Its a Busy March Break!

Its March Break for me and WOW I've been busy!

Saturday I spent the afternoon out with my Mum, we went out and bought some beads (my Mum for jewelry me for scissor fobs). We had lunch out... they messed up Mum's meal but covered the bill so I can't really complain, it was the right thing to do. Then we stopped by Home Depot so I could get a work table for my stash/computer/craft room and some assorted odds and ends for framing at home.

Sunday I went out to a friend's house where three of us worked on Chatelaine's Mystery VI together. We've been doing this once a month since the mystery started. Sunday night I finished up part 3 I'm now very happy with how this is coming together.

Finished Mystery VI - Part 3

That evening Todd and I went to the parental units for dinner and dropped off the futon that used to be in the computer/stash room.

Early Monday morning (after midnight) I started my next model, Bandon Light by The Silver Lining stitched over one on 28 ct Lavender Sunset Joblean. Monday proper started off the right way with a massage! In the afternoon I picked up Christin we went out for lunch then came back to my place where we stitched all evening.

Today Christin and I headed out to our framing supplier and picked up molding at mats. I picked up mats for my black belt certificate, and mats and molding for the school letter I'm putting together as a sample for work. Hopefully I'll get the school letter all framed up during my last framing class on Thursday if I'm really ambitious maybe get the certificate done too????

Before hitting the framing shop we stopped at a needlework shop that we heard was closing down to find some bargains. I still managed to spend 60.00! But I came home with 4 skiens of waterlilies, 5 spools of Kreinik #4 braid, 2 pkgs of beads, and a pair of gingher scissors.

After that shopping we swung out to Dragon Lair Beads where we hung out with the owner Vicki and made scissor fobs until it was time to go out for dinner. Unfortunately our favorite restaurant was busy and had too long of a wait so we went to another near by restaurant and all had horrible, cold food! Tonight was guild night! So Christin, Vicki and I went and stitched for the evening.

My Scissor Fobs :
My Frist Fob
Marilyn's Winter Fob
My Green/Yellow Fog
Chrisanne's Penguin Fob

Tonight I'm going to work on Bandon Light once I'm done online!

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